FarmVille Bot: Full Version 2.00 Released!

Love Farmville but sick of the hundred and hundreds of clicks you have to make every time you want to tend to your fields? FarmBot is the answer!

Join thousands of happy customers and level up faster and more easily than your friends!

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Read on for more reasons why you will love this FarmVille Bot
In Farmville, the best way to level up and become rich is to plant seeds that take a short time (2-4 hours) to be ready for harvesting. This means that you would have to plow plant and harvest your farm up to 12 times a day to acheive the best results. For a 24x24 farm this amounts to 576 clicks to plow, 576 clicks to plant and 576 clicks to harvest, repeated 12 times a day amounts to 20,736 clicks! Not to mention the extra clicks require to harvest each animal and tree.

Sure, you could use the tractor/harvester/seeder but these are way too reliant on fuel which costs valuable farmcash and still only farm a few squares at a time.

The best thing to do is to let FarmBot take care of the clicks for you. This leaves you time to enjoy all the fun aspects of the game without having to worry about the boring, repetative clicking. As a bonus you will have a near endlesss supply of coins coming in daily as well as huge amounts of xp allowing you to get to the top of your friend leaderboard in no time! You can save your farmcash for decorating your farm and not have to worry about wasting it on fuel for your vehicles.

FarmBot automatically scans your farm at regular intervals, looking for places to plant, plow and harvest. There is no need to type in any confusing coordinates because this farmville bot is smart enough to work out what to do on its own. Any popup that appears is automatically closed down which means the bot can farm all day and night! Simply press start on the bot before you go to work or sleep and FarmBot will do the rest.

Earning all the ribbons is much easier with FarmBot to help you out. Ribbons can bring in a huge amount of bonus money and xp as well as the many free gifts you will receive for each accomplishment. You can ask FarmBot to help your friends which is another very time consuming, repetative task which can earn you a lot of extra experience.

The amount of time this program will save you is well worth the $5.99. You will enjoy farmville even more with all the boring bits taken care of for you so do yourself a favour and Claim your copy now!

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