Welcome to FBBots

If you are looking for a way to get ahead in any of your favorite Facebook games then you have come to the right place.

FBBots is a website dedicated to creating "bots" for games on Facebook. A Bot is a piece of computer software that performs all the necessary mouse clicks and actions for you. You can set up the bot to take care of your game while you are off doing more important things. The best part is that our bots are 100% completely undetectable. The bots at FBBots simulate all the actions that a normal player would take so there is no chance of getting banned like many other methods of cheating. FBBots is home to the very popular FarmVille Bot called FarmBot and Warstorm Bot called WarBot.

A bot for Empires and Allies has recently been released.

We also have bots for Bejeweled Blitz and Happy Aquarium and bots for other games are being developed.

These bots can help you earn high scores and impress your friends or save heaps of time on things like planting all your fields on Farmville.

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